The suggestions contain a wide variety of competing offers.

We have been cooperating with UNIGLOBE TM Travel for over 5 years. Our trustfulness in their ability is rooted in the transparency of their work quality and, their innovative culture that enable them to provide us with competitive pricing at moments of requests and exchange valuable information and relevant experiences. This enables our passengers to always make the best choice. Their suggestions contain various competitive offers considering the nearby airports and allow our people’s safety and convenience.


We have been working with UNIGLOBE TM Travel for many years now and enjoy the benefits of accessing statistics and reporting of our travels online. We are highly pleased with their expertise, quality and reliability.

UNIGLOBE TM Travel makes it easy for us to access current information at all times.


UNIGLOBE TM Travel offers for flights, hotels and rental cars reach us within a few minutes.

Our recently established cooperation with UNIGLOBE TM Travel implicated plenty of positive changes for us in terms of providing us with professional services during the whole travel of our people.


Why do we cooperate with UNIGLOBE TM Travel?

It is crystal clear!

UNIGLOBE TM Travel is reliable; prompt and attentive to our needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week; and also friendly and empathic! They possess all the qualities that are very important to us.


“We have been in search of a perfect solution for the increasing number of international travel bookings from flights and rental cars to hotel bookings for our global group of companies for a long time. This is what we found in UNIGLOBE Smart Travel. From that time on, the team of UNIGLOBE Smart Travel has been providing excellent work and has been supporting us in a quick, extensive and reliable way in making our daily trip scheduling. Due to their friendly and open-minded service the cooperation is also fun.”

DIGITRON Engineering Services GmbH

“We rate UNIGLOBE Expert Travel as follows:

Individual service Excellent, highly committed and competent
Response time Excellent
Online booking tool support and service Excellent
Reporting Very important to us for the traceability
Quality of consulting/ Hotline service At best accessible, without flaws, highly competent

UNIGLOBE Expert Travel is prompt and at all times accessible.”


„UNIGLOBE Pro Travel stands out due to their extensive offers, their qualified services, their prompt and uncomplicated way of handling all of our transactions. UNIGLOBE’s online booking tool is an easy to use and highly intuitive platform. UNIGLOBE Pro Travel gives us the quality control we need by reviewing and monitoring our online bookings and email requests in order to optimize our travel expenses and provide us with additional offers.

The support we receive during our trips and the way refunds are managed, in the case of any cancellations, are also counted among the great benefits of UNIGLOBE Pro Travel. All of our complex and often last minute requests are handled by UNIGLOBE Pro Travel´s friendly and professional staff. UNIGLOBE Pro Travel provides us with the assistance, often by phone that adds a personal touch to our long lasting cooperation with them.”


“We are very happy to cooperate with UNIGLOBE Smart Travel because they are competent and friendly, they present us with suitable and cost-effective alternatives to our travel plans, and they are extremely reliable.”


“Thanks to UNIGLOBE Expert Travel, we save precious time for the scheduling of our business trips and receive qualified and prompt support. Their online booking tool gives users a well-arranged first impression of the booking situation.”

BEUMER Group Austria GmbH

“We have been a customer of UNIGLOBE Pro Travel for several years now and very pleased with the services they provide for us. UNIGLOBE Pro Travel is highly efficient, fast in responding, and also consistent in providing the best rates while carefully considering our travellers’ time constrains and also convenience. UNIGLOBE Pro Travel precisely delivers what we want and also what we wish for.”


“We cooperate with UNIGLOBE Smart Travel because the services they provide fully meet our expectations. UNIGLOBE Smart Travel is always reachable by phone and responds to our requests quickly and efficiently. UNIGLOBE Smart Travel’s staff is very familiar with our preferences, show great initiative to achieve the best price-performance ratio for us. If there is an urgent change request that requires UNIGLOBE Smart Travel’s prompt attention, they provide us with an easily accessible 24/7 emergency service that is staffed with highly trained professionals and not with people who lack the necessary knowledge, as is done in other companies.”

Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger GmbH

“We can always rely on the UNIGLOBE Focus team for tricky and specialist tasks. One example would be the gathering storm that later on brought the Munich airport to a halt. UNIGLOBE Focus Travel managed to re-book several of our European meeting guests on earlier flights on a very short notice that allowed them to arrive before the thunderstorm and return home on the same day. We cannot expect a service of this kind from a clinical call center hotline or Internet company, and we are willing to pay a service-fee for the quality we receive.”


“For plenty of our employees, in sales as well as in project monitoring, it has become an everyday occurrence to be away on business.

UNIGLOBE Pro Travel’s technology enables us to book our business trips online. We trust and rely on UNIGLOBE Pro Travel’s immediate assistance that is available to us via a 24/7 hotline in the event we need to make last minute changes.”

SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

“The individual and innovative services of UNIGLOBE Focus Travel combined with the company’s dedicated staff suit our company’s needs perfectly. During our on-going partnership that began in 2009, we have learned to appreciate the extensive expert knowledge and high flexibility of their team. We are very pleased to cooperate with such a reliable partner.”

August Faller KG

“We make the reservations for our business trips via UNIGLOBE Smart Travel because we appreciate the professional and personal service they offer in addition to the online booking platform they provide us with.”

KTR Systems GmbH

“We have booked our business trips via UNIGLOBE Smart Travel for years now and very much value the flexibility their online booking tool provides us with and the company’s outmost commitment to achieving savings for us through the attractive ticket prices they offer.”


“Due to the international function of UBIMET we have many business trips in general and make our reservations exclusively with UNIGLOBE Pro Travel. We are perfectly satisfied with the services they provide, the offers they recommend and the way our transactions are managed. The cooperation is excellent. UNIGLOBE Pro Travel is a highly reliable travel management company to work with.”


“We book our business trips with UNIGLOBE Smart Travel because we very much appreciate their expertise, the flexibility and the kindness of the staff, even when complex and complicated bookings are requested.”

Haselmeier AG

“We book our business trips via UNIGLOBE Top Travel because of their prompt responses, their knowledge, and professionalism. We also value their full service offering that combines the flexibility of the online booking tool with the quality-focused personal service support.”

Availon GmbH

“We cooperate with UNIGLOBE Smart Travel as our associate partner to book our business trips because we appreciate their prompt responses and the friendly and competent staff that is fully committed to provide us with the best possible rates while offering a flexible online booking tool and also personalized service support.”

Weller Tools GmbH

“We book our business trips via UNIGLOBE Top Travel because we value their prompt responses, the professional expertise, and also their friendly and competent staff. We are convinced by and appreciate the commitment of UNIGLOBE Top Travel’s staff to achieve the ideal ticket costs. UNIGLOBE Top Travel also meets our requirements by providing us with access on the weekends and holidays to a 24/7 hotline.”

Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG

“The online booking tool provided by UNIGLOBE Expert Travel makes an uncomplicated, quick and clear trip scheduling possible and guarantees a smooth workflow. The cooperative team of UNIGLOBE Expert Travel supports us at all times by their skills and response time and commits oneself to all sorts of requirements.”

Bitzer SE Management

“We book our business trips via UNIGLOBE Top Travel because we value the personal approach and dealing with competent experts rather than someone anonymous through a hotline.“


“The team of UNIGLOBE Expert Travel provides us with prompt response times and efficient trip scheduling. UNIGLOBE Expert Travel and its dedicated staff identify the best offer for us and without a doubt are absolutely without alternative.”


“We rate UNIGLOBE Expert Travel as follows:

Individual service Highly satisfied
Response time Highly satisfied
Savings (time and money) Huge saving of time without excessive additional costs
Quality of consulting Highly satisfied

Generally speaking I am highly pleased; especially the individual service that is always obliging, quick and very friendly.”

SparxSystems Software GmbH

“We have been pleased customers of UNIGLOBE Pro Travel for more than 10 years now and appreciate the prompt response time even outside business hours.”

MBM Maschinenbau Mühldorf GmbH

“Our requests are finished by UNIGLOBE Expert Travel within a short amount of time; the service and the quality of consulting are ever very good.”


“UNIGLOBE Mödling, in particular Dr. Uhlik and his team, represents a long lasting and reliable partner for all our travel planning affairs. Our company is export-orientated with international traveling therefore depends on ideal pre-arrangements for our business trips. UNIGLOBE Pro Travel represents the best possible and most suited partner to fulfill our complex requirements.”

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